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BankofWoW Review

Read customer feedbacks, services, features, pricing and delivery speed of BankOfWoW. Identify is BankofWoW scam or legit merchant with BankofWoW Reviews. Also, read first-hand experiences about buying currency and availing their powerleveling services. Find out how fast they can deliver and read customer feedbacks to see the answer to the most frequently asked questions of Is Guy4game Legit? Is Guy4game safe and reliable?


BankofWoW Review - In depth

MySite Review
Customer Rating: star
Price : $68.45 / 50K Gold
Coupon : bankofwow
Description 5% OFF
Features : 6 / 10
Pring : 9 / 10
Speed : 8 / 10
Website: http://www.bankofwow.com/
Email: cheapwowgold@bankofwow.com
Telephone: +1.00862034769101
Owner: Tianmin Zhu
Street Address: 1#,street 6
Yacui Huananbiguiyuan
guangzhou, 511442 GD China
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Since 2005 Bank of WoW is one of the well know in-game currency shop for World of Warcraft gold for US and EU servers. Its main operation is in United states and China where run by a company named NPB-Tech Inc and an owner named Tianmin Zhu.

From more than 7 years providing cheap wow gold, fast deliveries and great customer support make them one of the most recommended gold merchant.



#1 Guy4game
#2 Koala Credits
#3 Bank of WoW


BankofWoW Strengths and Weaknesses

Bank of WoW has a very good satisfaction in terms of quality service and customer support, these are feedbacks coming from their customers and other review sites.

Like the others, Bank of WoW use mostly payment options used namely Credit Card & paypal.

Although, their design and site layout bit confusing and hard to navigate for a first time buyer and may doubt to users that Bank of WoW is scam. Having a professional design, clear call-to-action button and easy to navigate webdesign helps to gain trust from the new customers.

What I like more about is that they really concentrate selling WoW gold although they recently selling Diablo 3 gold for Normal and Hardcore servers both US & EU.

But what I really like most with Bank of WoW their delivery times always consistent of delivery your gold in 15 mins depends on their stock. They are still transparent to tell you if they don't have stock yet and the delivery will take a little longer. That's why i suggest to ask their customr support via live chat.


Final Review

For best prices gold for WoW no doubt that Bank of Wow is one in the top list. Their excellent customer support and quality service make their customers keep on coming back for more gold. Although, they don't offer other services and other games (except Diablo 3). Overall, Bank of WoW is one of my recommend wow gold site!


BankofWoW Products and Prices

Offered Service Price Level Comparison
WoW Gold Cheap Compare Prices
WoW Powerleveling Not Available -
WoW Acounts Not Available -
WoW CD Key Not Available -
WoW Gears Not Available -
WoW Items Not Available -
WoW Mounts & Pet Not Available -


BankofWoW Options

24/7 Delivery Service YES Credit Card YES
Live Chat YES Paypal YES
Phone Support NO Google Checkout NO
Email Support YES Money Bookers NO
Order Tracking YES Wire Transfer NO
Low Price Guarantee YES Money Order NO


Active Promo Code for BankofWoW:

Coupon Code: bankofwow
Discount:5% off
Product: WoW Gold
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