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IGXE Review

igxeFind out is IGXE scam or safe gold site with our id-depth IGXE Review. Read IGXE features & service offered, get their latest coupon code for great savings, see their prices and delivery time speed. Also, below are first-hand experiences about who bought currency in World of Warcraft and find out how fast and safe your gold can be delivered and read users feedback to see the answer to the most frequently asked questions of Is IGXE legit? Is IGXE safe and reliable?


IGXE Review - In depth

igxe Review
Customer Rating: star
Coupon : IGXEYRWZ2158
2% OFF
Features : 10 / 10
Pring : 7 / 10
Speed : 9 / 10
Website: http://www.igxe.com/
Email: fastsupport@igxe.com
Telephone: +1-650-461-9387
Operations United States
Chongqing, China

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IGXE is one of the well known virtual currency seller as of today. They been in this business for 11 years (since 2001) that originates in US and expand in Hongkong and China, though major of their operations resides in China. Customers have mixed opinions when it comes to IGXE they received 2/5 Star in sitejabber.com whilst their received a Bronze Award in 2012 Top Ten Reviews.

They cater service for more than 70 of the top MMORPG game today. They offers services like in-game currency, sell in-game items, powerleveling, cd key, gears, pet leveling, profession leveling, raid service, achievement & reputation leveling, selling in-game accounts and as well as Transmogrification which is the new feature in 4.3.0 that allow player to alter the appearance of their weapon and armors.

If you’re looking for a cheap place to buy wow gold, IGXE is not for you though they keep it competitive as much as possible. But with their discounts, cash back and coupons you able to cut prices and get more gold. Now, IGXE made the buying experience a lot easier because you able now to purchase gold anytime and anywhere you want with the IGXE Mobile – buy gold using your Android phone. They also had this wide option of payment; you may pay using your Paypal, Credit Card, Pay Safe Card, Google Checkout or Wire Transfer. If you have plenty of gold you can sell it to IGXE. They buy currency for $0.0006/gold which is half the price (53%) when they sell it.

But how fast is IGXE can deliver gold? As I run a couple of test of purchasing gold from low and highly populated service and I admit that they are consistent in delivering my orders within 5 hours after placing it.

IGXE has a strong marketing campaign, as I see several of their ads in the internet. And they made me check visit their site in daily basis because of their promotional campaign, like the Guild Wars 2 CD Key Free Giveaway, Membership Reward Program which you able to redeemed up to 10% of product/service purchased and last is the IGXE Gift Card – a prepaid card that able you to buy any items with no expiring date credit and get an instant 5 – 10% cash back. What I dislike with IGXE is they ask for telephone number and your preferred to be call for verification purposes.

For queries, you may contact their 24/7 customer support (email, chat and phone support). Be updated with news and best deals by subscribing to their newsletter and following them in facebook.



#1 Guy4game
#2 Koala Credits
#3 Bank of WoW


Final Review

IGXE offers complete services for most of the top MMORPGs. Their website is filled with good stuff to try on, they don’t be the cheapest seller but their service pays it off. There are mixed opinions about them but I still recommend IGXE if looking for quality service, fast delivery and reputable site.


IGXE Products and Prices

Offered Service Price Level Comparison
WoW Gold Expensive Compare Prices
WoW Powerleveling Cheap Compare Prices
WoW Acounts Average Check Prices
WoW CD Key Average Check Prices
WoW Gears Expensive Check Prices
WoW Items Expensive Check Prices
WoW Mounts & Pet Not Available -


IGXE Options

24/7 Delivery Service YES Credit Card YES
Live Chat YES Paypal YES
Phone Support YES Google Checkout YES
Email Support YES Money Bookers NO
Order Tracking YES Wire Transfer YES
Low Price Guarantee NO Money Order NO



IGXE Active Coupons and Discount Codes

  • IGXEYRWZ2158 – 2% OFF
  • IGXEGAFS61155 – 8% bonus gold
  • IGXEEVKN8152 - 10% OFF
  • IGXESEES84330 - 5% OFF





1 comment:

  1. I purchased 200k online currency for Elder Scrolls Online and IGXE only delivered 88k.
    I purchased 200k online currency for Elder Scrolls Online from IGXE on 06/25/2014.

    I did not hear anything from IGXE for 5 days so I contacted them (06/29/2014). They promptly sent 50k and 38k, while I was in-game.

    The next day (06/30/2014) I noticed on their website my order was changed to Completed. I contacted IGXE customer support and Ronney told me the money will be sent.

    I waited 4 days and did not hear anything from IGXE, so I contacted their customer support again (07/04/2014). I spoke to Ronney and he now claimed the order was complete. He then told me someone from IGXE will contact me. I waited 4 hours and I did not hear anything from IGXE. After that I spoke to two customer support reps from IGXE three times and all three times they dropped the chat on me.

    They sent a screenshot claiming they sent the money, but I told them the screenshot means nothing as you can change the destination name before sending. I also noticed the screenshot's date is the date of my dispute (07/04/2014) and not they day they claimed to have sent it.

    Now they are claiming they sent 112k (which I am missing) first, then the 50k and 38k. I was online during the time I received the 50k and 39k mails and did not receive the 112k mail, so they are lying.