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MMOGA Review

Below, you can find MMOGA Reviews to find out is MMOGA scam or safe gold site. Read customers feedback, services they offerd, special features in their website, price and their speed of delivery. Also, read first-hand experiences about buying currency and availing their powerleveling services. Find out how fast they can deliver and read customer feedbacks to see the answer to the most frequently asked questions of Is MMOGA Legit? Is MMOGA safe and reliable?


MMOGA Review - In depth

MMOGA Review
Customer Rating: star
Price : $56.57 / 50K Gold
Coupon : RetailMeNot
Description 5% OFF
Features : 9 / 10
Pring : 9 / 10
Speed : 7 / 10
Website: http://www.mmoga.com/
Email: info@mmoga.de
Telephone: 0049-1805-060-344-36
Owner: Massive Multiplayer Online Game Association
Street Address: MMOGA LTD
11/F., Po On Commercial Building
198 Nathan Road, Kowloon
[Hong Kong]

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MMOGA leads the german market as the first professional online gold suppliers back in 2005. With their excellent service with Germans easily pass through their clients and keep on earning positive customer ratings. As of 2012, they already handle 450,000 customer orders and this is for WoW powerleveling service and WoW gold delivery service.

Recently, they evolve their market and now entering the European, French and other English-speaking market to be a leader for in-game currency, powerleveling and other service. In terms of payment options, the site probably offers the most options available, from PayPal and moneybookers to Google checkout, Fax Order and much more. Returning as well as new visitors could enjoy the frequent promotions and discounts offered by the shop.


#1 Guy4game
#2 Koala Credits
#3 Bank of WoW


MMOGA Strengths and Weaknesses

Below are the MMOGA's strengths and weaknesses I found upon making series of test.

MMOGA caters virtual services for top MMORPG game like ingame currency, powerleveling, pvp leveling, achievements, justice points, raid sets, profession powerleveling, rare mounts and ingame items.

MMOGA offers different delivery methods choose which of delivery method your comfortable with unlike others that only offers in-game mail delivery which I think Blizzard is keep on watching. MMOGA offer ingame mail, face to face, auction house, comfort trade or mule account.

What I like most with MMOGA and which I think the others too is they consistency of their delivery service that will be deliver within 24 hrs. They are not hipocrite to be deliver in 3 mins, better be safe and be realistic. They also had this MMOGA Raffle where as every friday you able to win in their raffle for exciting prices: ingame currency, gamecard, Guild Wars 2 pre-oder edition, etc.; for mechanics and other priceses check their raffle page.

Their website is easy to use game is categorize in right hand and there's a huge button for quick links for WoW gold. Their Live Support Online is good, they are friendly and their English speaking. They also had these wide selections for payment: Bank transfer, Paypal, Credit card, moneybookers, paysafecard, ebanking and clickandbuy. Lastly, you can relay on their databank security because your secured by McAfee.


Final Review

MMOGA offers huge selection of games and services with wide selection of payment method. They dominate German market with their 8 years in market and now entering the Europe and French realm. With their fast delivery time and secured trading system they make their customer keep on coming back for more gold. Though they main services operates in Hongkong their quality of service and customer support is outstanding make them one of the recommended gold site for WoW gold and powerleveling.


MMOGA Products and Prices

Offered Service Price Level Comparison
WoW Gold Cheap Compare Prices
WoW Powerleveling Cheap Compare Prices
WoW Acounts Expensive Check Prices
WoW CD Key Average Check Prices
WoW Gears Not Available -
WoW Items Expensive Check Prices
WoW Mounts & Pet Not Available -


MMOGA Options

24/7 Delivery Service YES Credit Card YES
Live Chat YES Paypal YES
Phone Support NO Google Checkout YES
Email Support YES Money Bookers YES
Order Tracking YES Wire Transfer YES
Low Price Guarantee YES Money Order YES


Active Promo Code for MMOGA:

Coupon Code : RetailMeNot
Discount:5% OFF
Product: All items
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  1. I placed an order for 200 gold for GW2. They delivered 9 gold and ''completed'' my order. They now changed their prices for the gold. You see, I underpaid for what they now charge. I paid around 30$ for my 200 gold and now they charge well over 1000$. Of course they do not want to give it to me. However, it's not my problem. I paid 30$ for 200 gold as it was advertized. I did not pay 30$ for 9 gold.

    These were their response:

    01:02Suki -MMOGA: sorry. the gold is so expensive to conlect
    01:03Suki -MMOGA: pls be your understand
    01:06Suki -MMOGA: and i so sorry. i can not help you
    01:07Suki -MMOGA: the price before is not correct

    Oh also, if they suspect that you want to bitch about an incomplete order, they don't allow you to talk to the live customer support. They send you directly to the mail in form.

  2. They are a scam if you think that taking your money and then don't deliver the goods. It's over 150hours now since I placed an order (they claim thy deliver with 1 and 24 hours). Repeated (12 times) meesages in their form goes unanswered. In my book, this is stealing.

  3. you may file a dispute to Paypal if you still haven't got your gold even if you contact them multiple times. If you used Master/Visa you can contact your bank to get your money back.

    This is not tolerable and its important to have constant communication specially for promises that never deliver in time.