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Mogs Review

Below is an in-depth review about Mogs. Is Mogs scam or legit merchant to trust your safety of your account? Check out site features and services offered as well as product prices and customer feedback with this merchant. Find out how fast and safe your gold can be delivered.


Mogs Review - In depth

2joygame Review
Customer Rating: star
Coupon : Onetime – 10% off
Acweb – 12% off
Features : 8 / 10
Pring : 7 / 10
Speed : 9 / 10
Website: www.mogs.com
Email: support@mogs.com
Telephone: -
Owner: gill, hayden
Street Address: ATTN MOGS.COM
care of Network Solutions
PO Box 459
Drums, PA. US 18222

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Mogs or Massive Online Gaming Sales LLC started since 2004 by group of veteran MMO gamers based in Ohio, USA. Who had worked hard and operate a small scale via eBay and other trading platforms. Like the other companies, MOGS keep on growing as the provide service for top 35 games at the moment. Selling in-game currency, powerleveling, accounts as well as in-game items.

Because of quality performance, MOGS is acknowledge and included in most recommended MMORPG service provides by Top Ten Reviews, Bizrate & Customer Lobby. They also have this Norton badge assuring that this website is certified virus-free. These badges add confidence for the first-time buyers that their accounts and money is in good hands.

What I like with Mogs they are very transparent with their customers. You may ask their Customer Support if they have this stock for this server and if they did you will receive your gold after few minutes of placing your order. No need to wait for long hours and no bugging calls just to verify your identity.



#1 Guy4game
#2 Koala Credits
#3 Bank of WoW


Final Review

Mogs prices may not be the cheapest but still competitive and I rather pay a bit higher for a quality service and account security. As Mogs offers 24/7 Professional Live Support that ready answers your questions and concerns, offers the most efficient and secured delivery process – a 15 min delivery and they don’t spam in-game, emails and they don’t make false endorsements. Very professional, highly recommended!



Mogs Products and Prices

Offered Service Price Level Comparison
WoW Gold Expensive Compare Prices
WoW Powerleveling Expensive Compare Prices
WoW Acounts Nothing Found -
WoW CD Key Not Available -
WoW Gears Not Available -
WoW Items Nothing Found -
WoW Mounts & Pet Not Available -


Mogs Options

24/7 Delivery Service YES Credit Card YES
Live Chat YES Paypal YES
Phone Support NO Google Checkout NO
Email Support YES Money Bookers YES
Order Tracking YES Wire Transfer NO
Low Price Guarantee NO Money Order NO


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  1. What seems to be their only customer support specialist, Jake, gives every indication that he's doing everything in his power to complete your order... despite taking well over 72 hours on a minimal gold order for WoW US. I have no problem with delays, but the excuses never stop with these guys. I have purchased gold from them in the past and it was always streamlined and near instant... not so much anymore. Jake and I are like pen pals, connected by a common goal - to make me less irate. I'm beginning to think that the real Mogs.com sold when things were getting hairy, and the new owner can't seem to manage the workload. It's been 97 hours and I still haven't seen the gold. Based on other reviews, I'm afraid to escalate via PayPal. I have a feeling my best and only angle is to sit and wait...

  2. Mogs is a safe and reliable platform. I have been using them for 7 years now and always perfect. I got my gold within 5 minutes after ordering. Great customer services!