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Pwnboxer Safe? WARNING!! Read User's Review First to Find Out Is It Safe or Not!

Find out is Pwnboxer worth to buy or just a lazy tools that will your account in risk with our in-depth PwnBoxer Review? Read below first-hand experience and reviews, also check out other features of this tools and where you can find a discount page.


wowhead Update:  June 6th, 2012! 
Pwnboxer works fully with the Mist of Pandaria (MoP) expansion!  We have more reports coming in from beta testers saying it works perfectly!


PwnBoxer – In-depth Review

pwnboxerPwnboxer is Multiboxing/Dual Boxing software created by original founding CEO / Owner Partner of WoWhead.com, Tim Sullivan. A ultimate multiboxing tool software that is easy to use, extremely featureful, 100% legit and works on all PCs that enable gamers in World of Warcraft players the ability to play multiple accounts at the same time.

This allows me to level up my two Alt char from level 1 to 85 with the boost of my level 85 DK at once on 1 PC. I also tried to enter in a 5 man team instances and heroics controlling all those character in one PC and in a breeze. With Pwnboxer, I always my 85 Warrior always dominate battleground having my own control Paladin and Mage to support me. These entire tricks where done with the help of Pwnboxer.

Before I thought Pwnboxer it wasn’t any good since you can multibox with a complex setup of five computers and displays, networked them together via KVM switches and a bunch of other hardware. I didn’t think a single application could do it all. Having single keyboard and mouse to use and easily switch to other character if anything went wrong. Pwnboxer is a ROCKSTAR!


"With Pwnboxer you can easily manage a 5 man team and roll heroics, arenas, and battlegrounds handling your tanking, healing and dps with ease!"




How Pwnboxer Works?

Amaze how this amazing tool able to control up to five characters at the same time? Watch these videos..

Pwnboxer Tutorial Video

Pwnboxer Video: Battleground - Arathi Basin

Pwnboxer Video: Diremaul


Is Pwnboxer safe?

pwnboxer legitYES! Even Blizzard Game Master confirms it. Here's screenshot conversation confirm by Game Master Ithraiyell. As you watch the video above, you seen that Pwnboxer allows you to open multiple windows but it didn't contain any bot script for them to run accordingly. If you want them to attack, follow or use skills you need to do it manually by pressing numpad and this allows other game windows respond in what keybind you press.



Powerful Features of Pwnboxer

Below is the powerful features while I love pwnboxer:

  • It’s extremely simple and intuitive to use, take a 5 minute setup and you’re good to go.
  • Pwnboxer allows you to broadcast your keystrokes from one window to another. If your press '2' in Window #1, it will automatically press '2' to other windows.
  • Programmable virtual keyboard buttons in the form of Dockable Clickmapping.
  • It has a built-in video recording that allows your to record your game play.
  • You easily broadcast your mouse from one game window to another without pressing Alt-Tab
  • Software is compatible even your PC is slower
  • Constantly updated for FREE, in fact its now compatible with Mists of Pandaria.
  • There’s a great forum and community for guides and support you out so no need to worry if you’re new to multi-boxing.


Final Review

Mists of Pandaria is near and if you want to level max all character at the same time Pwnboxer is perfect for you. Have your main toon have a full support while in instance with your 5 controlled characters. Be a one-man team and maximize this tool worth to get gold max and dominate your server. Get your Pwnboxer now and experience the fun!


check it out now



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