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13 Reasons Why Use the WoW Remote Auction House

remote auction houseBelow are the 13 Reasons Why Use the WoW Remote Auction House and where to download and how to access your WoW mobile auction house for FREE.

From the previous announcement of you able to Play World of Warcraft for $20 this is the next big thing announcement from Blizzard, the WoW Mobile Armory is now FREE to use. You can now keep in-touch with your Guildmates and access Auction House via your Android Phone, iPhone or iPod touch any where you go. With this function it make the lives of players easier by staying connected to their Guildies and monitoring their auctions while away.


WoW Remote Auction House Download

Free Download For iPhone and iPod

Free Download For Android Devices


13 Reasons Why Use the Remote Auction House of World of Warcraft

  • View your full character profiles in 3D
  • Check your activity feed
  • Check achievements
  • Check character Stats
  • Access the Guild & Officers channels
  • Back read saved whisper conversations
  • Checkout online Guildmates
  • Able you to look through Auction Items
  • Bid on items you want
  • Make an Auction
  • Collect gold from sold auction items
  • Check realm status
  • Allows you use the talent calculator


To Access the Mobile Auction House and Armory

  1. Login to your account at worldofwarcraft.com
  2. View your character profile
  3. Click the Auctions Link (left-hand menu)


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