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WoW Gold Reviews

Best WoW Gold Site Reviews
The Best Places To Buy World of Warcraft Gold
WoW Gold Reviews Capital

Looking for WoW Gold?

BestWoWGoldSiteReviews.com is a wow gold review site dedicated in finding best places to buy wow gold. Where only legit and safe gold seller are review, heavily research and test where conduct to find which World of Warcraft gold site is good and not so you can buy in-game currency, power leveling and in-game items safe. Best WoW Gold Site Reviews gets wow gold reviews and information from customers, user feedbacks, research from forum and blogs and we use gathered information and resources and make decisions.

On the information listed below you’ll find links of top companies to buy World of Warcraft gold, honor leveling, power leveling, arena points, cd-keys, in-game item and other things in need in game. Getting good gear for PvE and PvP are very expensive and time consuming. I’m sure you don’t want to spent your time in endless and tiring farming. That’s the reason why many players choose to buy game currency from these WoW gold sites so they don not have to waste time.

Like you I don’t want to put my precious account in risk so I will not buy WoW currency or services from anywhere. Finding good site to buy is really hard thing to do you need to conduct a research and personally ask other players from which site do they prefer to buy gold, so I have put together a list of best places to buy wow gold. And upon research most of these companies do more that just selling gold they also sell power leveling services, sell items, reputation, honor and more. Unlike gold that you can get the full amount with in 24 hours, Powerleveling is bit different because it takes time and requires your game access for your account to be played for a period of time depends of level desired. Many people uncomfortable purchasing this service because of the risk of accounts to be suspended, stolen or banned. And this is one of the reason why this website was made to help players in reducing your agony and help you find trusted companies.

Below I have listed the best places to buy WoW gold and other services.

  1 2 3
  Guy4game Koala Credits BankofWoW

Sample Price of 50,000 gold
(Sample taken Aug-08, 2012 Aegwynn Horde)

$49.80 $64.50 $57.19
WoW Gold Coupon yummy kcwow* bankofwow
Promo Code Description 7% OFF 10% Discount 5% OFF
Ratings out of 10
Features 10 9 6
Pricing 9 8 10
Speed 9 9 9
WoW Gold US & EU check check check
WoW Powerleveling check check check
WoW Accounts check check check
Trade Skills DIY check check check
WoW CD Key check check check
WoW Gear check check check
WoW Items check check check
WoW Mounts and Pets check check check
Site Options
24/7 Delivery Service check check check
Live Chat check check check
Phone Support check check check
Email Support check check check
FAQ Section check check check
Order Tracking check check check
Low Price Guarantee check check check
Payment Methods
Credit Card check check check
Paypal check check check
Google check check check
Money Bookers check check check
Wire Transfer check check check
Money Order check check check

*for you able to use the promo, you must register first.

We really appreciate if you send as an email or share your comments & feedback on these companies as this will really a big help to rank these sites accordingly. Let me know also if there are companies you’d like to suggest for me to look at please contact me.



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