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WoW Money Making Professions in Mists of Pandaria

wowgoldAs I prepare my Mists of Pandaria Gold Guide here is the detailed guide in which is the most profitable professions in Mists of Pandaria.

World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria is the fourth expansion set of World of Warcraft, following Cataclysm to be release in September 25, 2012. From the existing profession level cap of 525 now increase to 700. Now more materials to gather, make or enhance.


Mists of Pandaria Profitable Professions

But which profession will be profitable in MoP? Which professions should be my highest priority? Here are the professions that extremely fit in your gold-making businesscompared to others and will be the mainstays throughout the expansion.

With the list of profession I will mention below, these were divided into two: long-term profitable and profitable at early start.


Profitable at early start

These professions are going to extremely profitable at start but it decreases as the supply increases.

jewelcraftingMining - Since Jewelcrafting, Blacksmithing and even Engineering and Alchemists depends in raw materials that mining provides. You can sell the it high as much as you want and price is not yet stable. Opportunity for you to earn in early days and weeks

jewelcraftingHerbalism- Herbalism is another good gathering profession to take along with the Mining since they provide bulk raw materials for Inscription and Alchemy.



Long-term Profitable Professions

These professions are profitable as the MoP start and will mainstays until end. I found this professions as the strongest gold-makers and very profitable.

jewelcraftingJewelcrafting - Once you’re in heroic dungeons this will contains sockets that need to be filled by gems which leads to lots of gems for selling. Leveling your Jewelcrafting will be expensive in the early days. To minimize the cost, use the Darkmoon Faire Profession Quest and don’t miss your Jewelcrafting Daily Quest and keep on collecting tokens. Gather the best patterns as fast as you can coz these the crafted jewel might be drop as soon as there are lots of players able to craft it. So time is big factor if you want to earn in Mists of Pandaria.

ingjewelcraftingEnchanting is another gold-making business in MoP. As the dungeon difficulty increases the more enchants being needed throughout the expansion. The fist level of enchants will be popular in early on because of high crystal prices. Expect the old gear will be replace with a better one since there are new sets of equips to release in the next minor updates and these all could end up getting disenchanted.

For me the real value of the Enchanting profession is the its ability to disenchant gear that you get while farming or leveling your profession. This will lead to raw material for leveling Enchanting and sell the excess mats to Auction House.

wow engineeringEnginnering is timeless favorite profession because of their cool artworks, rare mounts and items that can be sold in good price. As there are new expansion release expect a new unique artwork that Engineering can make - more gold Engineering. Check out list of profitable Engineering items that is profitable in Mists of Pandaria here.


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