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Zygor Gold and Auction Guide Review - My Personal Experience

zygorguidesBelow is an in-depth Zygor Guides Review and reason why buy Zygor guides for you to find out: Is Zygor Guides for to buy? Is Zygor Guides Scam WoW guide? Also, read users feedback and comments who used this guide. Get your Zygor Guide Coupon Code below for greater discount.

What Will You Read

  • Zygor Gold and Auction Guide
  • Zygor Warlords of Draenor review
  • Zygor Guides MoP review
  • What this guide offer
  • Our final thoughts
  • Coupons and Zygor sample images

UPDATE 2015-03-05 : Zygor Gold and Auction Guide released
UPDATE 2012-10-02 : Zygor Halloween Coupon Code Added
UPDATE 2012-08-31
: Zygor Guides is now in version 4.0 with new theme, enhance guide & model viewer, way point and game menu. See complete details and images here, Zygor Guides 4.0, Now Ready for Mists of Pandaria!

Zygor Gold and Auctions Guide

On the 5th of March, 2015 Zygor now officially released their Gold and Auctions guide. This the ultimate gold guide we all waiting for.. we all know know Zygor for their excellence in creating WoW leveling addons as well as addons for other games like Elder Scroll and Wildstar. If you haven’t tried their addon, you can click here to sign-up for a Free Trial.

What I love with this addon is that you can still use this regards to your level and skills, powerful and easy to use. You have different options how to obtain gold, you can choose from Gold Run, Farming, Gathering, Crafting and the most I love is the Auctions. When I use the Auctions tab, I feel like I’m in a real world stock market, I see the prices of items traded in Auction house fluctuate daily, so you will know which day and time best to sell it.

Just to share what I did when I change server to my friends, I bought 100k gold for Guy4game as capital (this website I prefer since I used this for many years), analyze which item are best to sell, then shop for items (you need to look for items for yourself). I’m happy because I double my gold in a matter of time.


visit [ZYGORGUIDES.com]


Zygor Leveling Guide is Updated to Warlords of Draenor Patch

If you’re new to World of Warcraft and find it difficult to keep in pace with other players in terms of levelling up or you simply find yourself lost in the massive expanse of its digital world, then you might require some virtual assistance. Most players would go for online forums or surf the net for how-to and walkthrough guides to accomplish quests so they can boost their character levels. However, this takes a lot of time since players have to internalize the guide before applying them in the game itself. There is an option available that guides the players while playing the game simultaneously.

Zygor Guides for World of Warcraft is a digital in-game guide that lets the players do just that. It is a step-by-step guide that directs players where to go, who to talk to, and what to prioritize so they can level up in the shortest period of time. It is embedded in the game and has a neat rotating arrow at the lower right corner of the screen that acts like a compass. You can easily follow the arrow and avoid wasting time doing side quests or exploration. Back in the day, the primary method for levelling up as fast as possible was through non-stop smashing of suitable hordes. With Zygor guides, you can avoid this and level up fast just relying on questing.

This guide also tracks your progress and instantly adds new quests to accomplish to keep you right on track. It really is like playing on autopilot. The guide covers almost every aspect of the game for horde and alliance like levelling, loremaster, dailies, events, dungeons, gear, professions, achievements, pets and mounts, titles, reputations, and macros. Installation is also a snap. It also constantly updates and works in the background for the player’s utmost convenience.

How It Works
Zygor guide avoids the hassle of switching between windows for you to review PDF’s or website forums before doing anything in the game. Since the guide is virtually built-in and is in real-time, you waste less time. Sure, the game already has the in-game quest helper, and it shows you what quests to accomplish. But the quest helper does not show you what specific order to finish them to gain the most experience points. There are also some quests that can be skipped, since they don’t contribute much to your character’s experience.
The built-in quest helper also does not inform you if you can already move on to another area when there’s pretty much nothing left for you to do there. The Zygor guide is able to do all these for you. You can move the navigational arrow pretty much anywhere in the screen. It changes to bright green whenever your character is on the right track. You also are presented a picture of your next target in its quest panel. If you prefer not to have these options, you can always toggle them off in the settings.

The guide is fully automated. There’s absolutely no need to click to the next quest. The guide marks down accomplished ones and presents you with new ones all on its own. It’s like you have this friend who’s absolutely good at the game and dictates all necessary instructions over your shoulder.

You no longer have to set waypoints, as these are automated as well, and already include how long and how far one is from the target. Dots are conveniently placed in the small and big maps, and can also be toggled on or off. The guide also automatically locks and remembers your progress. When you log off and return after several days, the guide will bring you back to where you left off. You can never do this with a PDF.

But how about if you just purchased the guide mid-level? No problem! You can always choose which level you are already at, and the guide will simply take you there without any fuss. Zygor however, recommends that you start a couple of levels before your level. This will let you penetrate local quest chains. You can always skip ones you didn’t acquire through the course, or ones you have already finished.

The overall quest route is presented in the guide window. You can easily go back or forward at any time. You can skip quests just by simply clicking next and the text for that quest will be grayed out.

The guide is also flexible enough to allow you to use any character class and build. Naturally, builds like Hunters and Rogues will level up with less time since they are more efficient at killing things compared to Holy Priests. But generally speaking, using Zygor for any character will satisfy with a levelling path that is very convenient than one without a guide at all.

The Zygor guide is also capable of automatically accepting and handing quests. You simply select a quest giver and any quests that are currently offered are taken instantly. It also lets you hand over quests that are already ticked off in your list. This is quite helpful if you already know what the stories are and don’t have time to read through them.

Then you have the talent adviser. The Zygor guide will suitably mark down recommended talents for you to work on. It does this by marking the talent in question with a Z on the upper right corner of the box. If you happen to be working on a dual build feature, it will also place its recommendations on both specs.

It is important to note that the Zygor guide is not a cheat or hacking tool. It simply is a guide that legally incorporates itself in the game and simply ushers you on your journey through the best possible path. In no way does it take advantage of game glitches or hacks the game code to endow your character with special abilities and powers so you unfairly gain the upper hand against traditional gamers.

It is guaranteed 100% safe and will not get you banned from the community. For the not so tech-savvy, installation is a snap. For any bugs and complaints, Zygor has a customer support team that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for assistance. The guide also allows access to a massive online community of other Zygor guide users so you can consult them as well or play with them. Still have doubts? Don’t worry since you can always avail of the free trial so you can experience the guide first-hand. The trial is not constrained by any time limit.

Warlords of Draenor
Zygor also has the latest update for the latest patch of WoW, Warlords of Draenor. The update contains the same features you would enjoy from Zygor products. The installation process is pretty direct, and can be done without a hitch. Also if you stick well enough to the guide by the letter, you are able to attain level 50 in a couple of days with 12 hours of playing time. The same navigational arrow and progress marker is still present to guide you with ease. Partially leveled up characters can also take advantage of Zygor’s Smart Injection System wherein it analyzes the character’s stats and automatically adjusts so you can take it from there.


10 Reasons Why Zygor Guides is Best WoW Leveling Guide

  1. zygor guidesOnly guide that is updated to Mists of Pandaria.
  2. It already has more than 60,000 registered users and Zygor members who is using the products
  3. A Zygor guide is been in 4 years in the market since 2008 an established brand name that known in creating top quality products that you can trust and depend on. Has the reputation of being the world first ever in-game leveling guides and biggest name in World of Warcraft Strategy Guides.
  4. They had the widest service coverage, these includes leveling, dailies, professions, achievements and more. Now, they also have a strategy guide for Diablo 3.
  5. This guide will tell you everything you need to do to power level your characters, complete daily quest, make gold unlock rare items and as well get achievements.
  6. Packed with overwhelming resources and tools like a built-in waypoint/navigation arrow points that where to go.
  7. One of the guide that is safest, easy to download, easiest to use & configure, outstanding customer support and risk free WoW strategy guides
  8. Zygor Guides has a 24/7 support with help desk ticket system via their support portal or email (support@zygorguides.com), community forums, built-in bug reporting and remote assistance to assists you in every problems or queries.
  9. Zygor offers 100% safe, secure and will not get your account banned since they comply with Blizzard’s ToS
  10. Offers 100% Money Back Guarantee





What Zygor Guides Offers:

  • Leveling & Loremaster – perfect for those new in game who would like to level faster and get the [Loremaster achievement], with optimized route you able to reach max level in 4 days game time. A more time doing PvPing, running dungeons & raids and trolling trade chat.
  • Vanity Pets and Mounts -  get more than 100 vanity pets and be an army of the cutest and cuddliest creatures in game, this guide will tells you exactly what to do and how to get these pets & mounts.
  • Dailies and Events – get your end-game experience with daily quests to make more gold and unlock rare items. Unlock the [What a Long Strange Trip It’s Been] and get full guide for WoW seasonal events.
  • Titles, Rep, & Macros - set yourself apart from the crowd, gain respect and streamline your gameplay. Earn your reputation, get tons of pre-made professional macros and learn how to make your own custom macros from the scratch.
  • Professions & Achievements – become a master of your trade, get filthy rich, and earn your bragging rights. A step-by-step method in leveling your professions from which recipe to learn, items you need & create, as well as how to collect them if you prefer to farm it rather than buy it. This will master your professions quickly and will maximize your profit it will save load of your time without having to research at all!

Final Review

If your type of player that is lazy to look up a quest, having Zygor Guides automate your quest with their amazing built-in waypoint that points where to go next it make leveling easy and fast as 4 days (game time). This leveling guide may use even you’re a beginner or PRO, it makes the game to easy and this is unlike other guides that uses PDF files that you need to Alt-Tab to switch screen and read the guide because Zygor Guide built-it in the game it self and its 100% safe.






Zygor Guide Coupon Code

This is the latest coupon code offered by Zygor, a special Halloween treat for 2012. This guide includes their update with Hallows End event guide for 2012. With the coupon code below you'll get a $5.00 discount when purchase the Zygor's Mists of Pandaria Guide.

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zygor guidesZygor Guides Review

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