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imbuygold logoBelow is an in-depth ImBuyGold review site features and service offered. Also read user's feedbacks below who already bought WoW gold from ImBuyGold. Read their comments how many minutes or hours your gold can be delivered and are their account got compromised after that to see answers to most frequently asked questions: Is ImBuyGold Scam? Is ImBuyGold.com Legit? Lastly, for latest ImBuyGold VIP Code or Coupon find it below enjoy bonus gold when purchasing.


UPDATE 2012-09-10: Due to rising complaint against ImBuyGold we demote our ratings from three star to one star.

ImBuyGold.com Review - In depth

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Customer Rating: star
Coupon : unavailable
Website: www.ImBuyGold.com
Email: sales@mmonewgames.com
Telephone: 210-764-65497
Street Address: chang zhou
jiang su CN

Imbuygold.com is been in this virtual currency since 2010 and with their good search engine placement, good design and competitive prices they gain huge traffic and reputation.

Imbuygold offers selling virtual currency services, power leveling and CD key only for 18 top MMORPG at the moment. I love their easy to navigate website design, game banners and games are filed at the left side its easier to place an order.

For gold saving tips, use the imbuygold vip code / coupon below. Your gold can be delivered by Face-to-face trade or Delivery by Auction House Buyout whereas you need to auction cheap item and sell it of the amount you purchased. But as I experienced doing this process players usually notice this strategy and might report you and take note that every successful AH transaction, Blizz take off 5% of it. You can’t get full ordered gold amount. After this, they will require you to get online after payment for quick delivery.

You able to track your order status by creating an account with them and 24/7 you may ask their customer support via live chat, email or phone support. They also had this wide payment method to choose from, you may choose Paypal, Credit Card, Western Union or Bank transfer depends where you’re comfortable with.



#1 Guy4game
#2 Koala Credits
#3 Bank of WoW



ImBuyGold.com Products and Prices

Offered Service Price Level Comparison
WoW Gold Expensive Compare Prices
WoW Powerleveling Very Expensive Compare Prices
WoW Acounts Not Available -
WoW CD Key Average Check Prices
WoW Gears Not Available -
WoW Items Not Available -
WoW Mounts & Pet Not Available -


ImBuyGold.com Options

24/7 Delivery Service YES Credit Card YES
Live Chat YES Paypal YES
Phone Support YES Google Checkout NO
Email Support YES Money Bookers NO
Order Tracking YES Wire Transfer YES
Low Price Guarantee NO Money Order NO


ImBuyGold.com VIPCode / Coupon Code

  • No Available ImBuyGold VIP / Coupon Code at the moment.


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  1. The website is a complete scam if you're looking for gold. They deliver to some people to retain some credibility. But overall, they will keep saying they do not have your order ready, with no intention of giving you gold.

  2. Never got the delivery! nor do I expect them to. Their only concern was that I drop my complaint. They even went into the game and showed me the gold....but having seen this done to someone before me (after I did more research) I opted to say NO and I have received nothing. Dont waste your money with ImBuyGold.com....they are the fraud and scammers they warn you about.

  3. My order was confirmed 8/4/12. They told me my service would not be ready for hours, then days...etc. I finally demanded a refund and they said it would take 5-7 days. I waited, and my money was never refunded. So I contacted them again and they told me they had never set up a refund for me. I had to argue with them for at least 30 min. while they begged me to accept their service. Then finally they said they would give me a refund. Of course I never go it, so I opened a dispute. Sadly since I had purchased a digital item, the disputed closed in the sellers favor. They said all I had to do was contact them and I would get my purchase. So I did and now they are just giving me excuses again and telling me my service isn't ready. So after 43 days they still will not give me what I paid for or a refund. All they want is your money. They don't care about customer service. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!!!

  4. I guess my story is the same as everyone else's. Ordered, waiting, never got anything. I would not recommend this website to anyone. Ever.

  5. Yeah, they are fucking scammers alright, all my dream was to get fucking gold, and what do I get, a scam