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Itemgarden Review | Read User Feedback and Complaints

itemgardenBelow is an in-depth Itemgarden review site features and service offered. Also read user's feedbacks below who already bought WoW gold from Itemgarden. Read their comments how many minutes or hours your gold can be delivered and are their account got compromised after that to see answers to most frequently asked questions: Is Itemgarden Scam? Is Itemgarden.com Legit? Lastly, for latest Itemgarden VIPCode or Coupon find it below enjoy bonus gold when purchasing.


ItemGarden.com Review - In depth

itemgarden home
Customer Rating: star
Coupon : 201209
Website: ItemGarden.com
Email: itemgarden@hotmail.com
Telephone: +86-216-532-9425
Street Address: Shanghai Conquar Electronic Technology CO.,Ltd
Room 502, NO.22, Long 91
Zhayin Road, Baoshang District
Beijing 200438 BJ CHINA

Itemgarden is one of the top virtual selling currencies for MMORPGs since May 2004. They operate from United States to China and built good reputation in the industry.

Itemgarden limit their catered games to 14 games only and they do not offer powerleveling, accounts and other services aside from selling in-game currency. Also, I don’t find their prices cheap though still competitive compare to other merchant.

There are some reviews that gold are not delivered within 12 hours delivery as promised in their site and their delivery option is limited to one which is Face-to-face delivery. That will ask you to meet in Ratchet/Ogrimmar for Horde and Gold Shire/Stormwind for Alliance.

Itemgarden.com really had a good website layout, full of banner ads / promo where able you to get more gold and this is available in mobile. You are required to give details like name, email and phone number for verification purposes and these are info that will serve as you account info where you able to track your order progress. For your inquiries there are two ways you able to contact them, via live chat where you will it in their right-side hand of the website and via email support.



#1 Guy4game
#2 Koala Credits
#3 Bank of WoW



ItemGarden.com Products and Prices

Offered Service Price Level Comparison
WoW Gold Expensive Compare Prices
WoW Powerleveling Not Available Compare Prices
WoW Acounts Not Available -
WoW CD Key Not Available -
WoW Gears Not Available -
WoW Items Not Available -
WoW Mounts & Pet Not Available -


ItemGarden.com Options

24/7 Delivery Service YES Credit Card YES
Live Chat YES Paypal YES
Phone Support NO Google Checkout NO
Email Support YES Money Bookers NO
Order Tracking YES Wire Transfer NO
Low Price Guarantee NO Money Order NO


ItemGarden.com VIPCode / Coupon Code

  • vipcode: 201209


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  1. Sorry to inform you, but this shop used to be good but last time I used it, they scammed me for 50$.
    I tried to contact them several times, but they told me always that they need more time.

    Never got the gold, after 3 month, so beware of this gold seller, will never use them again.

  2. they scammed me aswell for 30euro. i never got gold no matter how many times i mailed them