4 Tips How To Get Lesser Charm of Good Fortune Fast

Mists of PandariaListed below are tips how to get Lesser Charm of Good Fortune fast and easiest way. Learn how to maximize item's value for greater chance to get epic item roll at Boss loot table. Also listed below are few requirements for you able to get this.


lesser charms of good fortuneLesser Charms of Good Fortune can be used to make 3 Elder Charms of Good Fortune which allows giving a bonus roll for killing a raid boss (in Raid Finder, normal or heroic). This is epic item that get another shot at the boss’s loot table and give you some additional gold, gems and flasks but take note you need to have 90 pcs of Lesser Charms to turn it into 3 Elder Charms.

How do I get these Lesser Charm of Good Fortune?

  1. Get it as reward from high-level daily quests in Pandaria
  2. Buy it with 5 Valor Points
  3. There is also a quest available in the capital of your faction in the vale of eternal blossoms.
  4. You can also buy 90 pcs of Lesser Charm of Good Fortune at Guy4game.com for $28.00. This item character requires level of 90 and you must be Friendly reputation at Order of Cloud Serpent and Golden Lotus. Click here to go to Guy4game WoW Power Leveling Page, hit the 'Other' tab to find the Lesser Charm.

    Guy4game Lesser Charm of Good Fortune



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