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What to Do When Scammed Online Buying WoW Gold Using Paypal

MoP GuruBought WoW gold using your Paypal and get scammed and now want you want your money back? Here are detailed steps on what to do and where to go after finding out that you've been scammed in buying WoW gold, how to get your money back and preventive measures for not to be victim. Also learn how to identify if a website is a scam or not.


PayPal is an online service that allows users to transfer money over the Internet. Buying wow gold from online suppliers, for some buyers, it’s a nice experience, it’s saving them time on the boring farming, and they can get tons of gold in only few minutes and paypal is the most common mode of payment when buying WoW gold and other services. Paypal is one of the most widely used payment tool, for it’s very simple to use, and can do instant payment transfer, the gold sellers will only make the delivery when get paid, so paypal brings a lot of convenience to online business. But what if one day you bought gold or other service like powerleveling, items or accounts but you didn’t acquire any of these items? Where will you send your complaints?


Step-by-Step Guide What to Do When Scammed Online Buying WoW Gold Using Paypal

You can file disputes to paypal for two reasons. First is if the ‘Item Not Received’ – you bought something but you didn’t received the item for more 3 days. Second, ‘Significantly Not as Described’ you received an item but it was significantly different from the seller’s original description. But how to file a dispute: See 10 steps how to file dispute in Paypal:

  1. Log in to your PayPal account.Caution Spam Fraud
  2. Click Resolution Center at the top of the page.
  3. Click Dispute a Transaction.
  4. Select Item Dispute, and then click Continue.
  5. Click Find transaction ID.
  6. Click the Transaction ID next to the transaction you want to dispute, then click Continue.
  7. Choose your Category. For WoW gold and other virtual services (power leveling, accounts & items) you may choose ‘Virtual goods – delivered electronically
  8. Compose your message to the seller put everything in detailed. Why you are failing the dispute and what went wrong.
  9. Click Continue and wait for Paypal response.
  10. You can check at Resolution Center under Open Cases your dispute status.

You must remember that you only have 45 days from the payment was send to file a dispute, later than that will not be applicable. For more info visit Paypal Contact Us Page.


12 Tips How to Avoid Getting Scammed in Buying WoW Gold

Don’t put your money on waste identify Scam WoW Gold Site. If you are not sure or have any doubts whether the website can be trusted then STOP!!! And take your time to investigate further into the website. Filing a dispute took you days before the resolve an issue and it will bring too much stress to solve this. Here are quick tips on how to identify if a WoW gold site is scam or legit merchant.

  1. Caution Spam FraudCheck for online reviews like complaintsboard, Ripoff Report, pissedconsumer and can also check user reviews at bestwowgoldsitereviews.com.
  2. A Google search finds their name associated with a scam
  3. Check if Google indexed the website and can be found in Google Search, type site:TypeTheWebsiteHere.com.
  4. No trust seals to found in their website accredited and tested by other site like Bizrate, Merchant Safe, etc.
  5. The website is poorly designed
  6. Incorrectly spelt words and bad English grammar
  7. The email address provided in the website registration is using a free email service such as Yahoo or Hotmail
  8. No social media presence like Facebook, Google+ or Twitter
  9. Does not accept any form of Credit Card
  10. Check their prices and compare it to other sites if their prices are seem too good to be true, such as half price start to doubt it
  11. You can also talk to their customer support and see how well they can assist your problem if exist.
  12. Make sure merchant has a change-your-mind policy or a Money back guarantee if not received gold in 24 hrs.




As final note, be investigative and do some research if your not 100% sure that your money is SAFE. Hope this post will be helpful for you, SHARE IT WITH YOUR FRIENDS or if you been scammed before SHARE YOUR EXPERIENCE below and let others learn from it.


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